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Grounds Blog Update

May 2017

With warmer weather the flowers are starting to bloom and grass is growing well. 


Wildflowers are growing too and in some areas we are working with conservation groups to ensure that our grass cutting activities do not rob the bees of a valuable food source.  An example of this is our work with Emsworth Waysides, who have identified areas for us to omit from grass cutting for the moment to allow the wildflowers, like Wild Clary, to bloom.  Notices have been put up to explain why the areas have been left.


Summer is also the time when weddings take place at venues and churches where we maintain the grass: we take a great pride in our contribution to the ‘big day’ by making these areas look attractive.  


In this context we were delighted to be contacted on 12th of May by Alec Matthews, Verger of St Thomas’ in Bedhampton, who told us, “I want to thank Norse for the splendid job of cutting the grass, both in the churchyard and on the Mead today. The place looks absolutely perfect and it is going to be something special for the wedding taking place here tomorrow”. 


We keep a close eye on when our customers have important events taking place, be they weddings at a Church or a sports day at a school whose grounds we look after, so that we can make our contribution to making these special events go smoothly.